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'Ford again proves himself a terrific, big-sounding bel canto tenor, negotiating both intricate and exclamatory music, and never afraid of heights. He's both heroic and ardent.'

'Listeners are likely to find themselves playing straight through from start to finish'
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Alessandro nell'Indie

A Rossini and bel canto expert, Matteuzzi won the Enrico Caruso singing competition in 1980, which led him to La Scala.
Financial Times

'... the energised conducting of David Parry.'

'David Parry drew some very exciting playing from the London Philharmonic.'
The Sunday Times

Maria regina d'Inghilterra

Nelly Miricioiu 'brings Mary Tudor to operatic life as vividly as Callas did Anna Bolena or Caballe Mary Queen of Scots.'