Thomas Adès

The Guardian

'I believe new music should take you to new places, via soundscapes and landscapes of feeling you hadn't thought could exist. No composer of his generation has written music that makes me want to return to it again and again to explore the fundamental questions about the job music does and the mechanics therein.'

George Benjamin

The Guardian

'Benjamin (has a) peerless ability to create tight structure from a haze of colour, harmony from complex, intractable-seeming material, and bright innovation from painstaking craftsmanship.'
Harrison Birtwistle

The Telegraph

'His music doesn't ask (or want) to be liked: sculpted out of elemental primitivism and characteristically both explosively violent and massively granitic, it scorns an inviting light touch, classical elegance or genial urbanity. Yet everything he creates has such bare-handed integrity, weight and seriousness that (it) commands attention and respect.'

Jonathan Dove

The Independent
'He loves the voice, and knows how to give it a soaring, melodious grace; his orchestrations are deft.... But Dove's priority is narrative.'
BBC Music Magazine
'Many contemporary composers write for choirs, few with the sharp imagination and genuine originality of Jonathan Dove... It's beautifully conceived music, soaring to a glorious, bright climax.'

James MacMillan

New York Times

'Mr. MacMillan (has) instrumental brilliance and heart-on-sleeve emotionalism.'
BBC Music Magazine
'His music draws on his Scottish heritage and Catholic faith, along with Celtic folk tunes and the music of the Far East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, to produce a sound that's melodically rich and rhythmically exciting.'

Elizabeth Maconchy

The Telegraph

'Maconchy (has a) blend of gritty and powerfully poetic music perfectly tailored to the singing voice, expertly judged in terms of length, and a dramatic intuition.'

Edward Rushton

Evening Standard

'An outstanding composer of the younger generation.'
The Guardian
'... a marvellous piece, original in structure, packed with deft ensemble writing and expressive vocal lines, and both funny and moving.'
28 October 2016