1 Nicolini's I Baccanali di Roma
2 Meyerbeer's
ll crociato in Egitto
Palmide's Aria: 'O solinghi'*
3 Donizetti's Alahor en Granata Zobeida's Scena & Rondo finale:
'Zobeida, il mira.'
4 Coccia's Rosmonda
Rosmonda's Aria:
'Perchè non ho del vento'
5 Portogallo's Semiramide
Semiramide's Recitative & Aria:
'Sconsigliata che fo!'
6 Carafa's Gabriella di Vergi
Gabriella's Scena & Aria finale:
'Ah! fermate... Raoul!
...Perchè non chiusi..'

'These are not the usual 19th century heroines. Here, instead, is some unfamiliar repertory, most of it delightful, and all of it delightfully sung.'

American Record Guide

'The Australian soprano Yvonne Kenny has been a mainstay of Opera Rara's excursions into the remote corners of early 19th century opera. She deserves a showcase disc, and this one serves nicely. Her clean evenly produced voice has enough bright metal to give it thrust and sparkle, and her dramatic instincts are always lively... I enthusiastically recommend this deluxe disc.'
BBC Music Magazine

'There is much to admire in these performances... Yvonne Kenny is a versatile and skilled singer, dispatching some wild flights of coloratura fancy with assurance. Her technical security is matched by a healthy, well-rounded tone.'
with Ian Plan, Linda Kitchen, Ugo Benelli, Della Jones, Russell Smythe, James Meek, Colin McKerracher (PMF Scholar),
Diana Montague, Philip Doghan, Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, *Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra and conductor, David Parry.