Julius Caesar
Janet Baker: scenes from Julius Caesar
Janet Baker in
Julius Caesar

The Sunday Telegraph

'I hope singing teachers in our music colleges will make their students listen to this performance as an example of how the English language should be sung.'
The Sunday Telegraph
'Dame Janet Baker's noble Caesar is one of her outstanding characterisations, phrased with exquisite sensitivity to the meaning of the text and, of course, sung with lustrous tone.'
Classic FM Magazine

‘Dame Janet's mastery of acting with vocal colour and intensity, not histrionics, ensure that Caesar is a convincing warrior, ruler and lover.'
Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 2
Recitative & Arias

International Record Review
'How refreshing to come across operatic recitals which eschew the hackneyed…'
'Where`er you walk'

BBC Music Magazine
'Ford's attractive timbre, smooth legato and impressive high notes are well deployed throughout the disc.'
Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 1
Acis and Galatea
Great Operatic Arias - Elizabeth Futral
Semele's Aria
'Oh sleep,
why dost thou leave me?'
Morgana's Aria
'Come take me in your arms.'
Great Operatic Arias - Della Jones
Bertarido's Aria
'Art thou troubled?'

Xerxes' Recitative & Aria
'Under thy shade'
Great Operatic Arias - Yvonne Kenny 2
Armida's Aria
'Ah! Cruel man'
The Sunday Times
'... she gives British fans a taste of what we have been missing from her Australian repertoire.'
Ruggiero's Aria
'Verdant pastures, leafy woodlands'
Meleagro's Aria
'Noble forests, sombre and shady'
Great Operatic Arias - Diana Montague 2

The Times

'The buffed-up sound is crystal clear, losing none of the atmosphere. It is a recording that more than pays revisiting, not least in light of performances since.'

Acis and Galatea
Polyphemus' Recitative & Air
'I rage, I rage, I rage,
I melt, I burn!'
Harapha's Air
'Honour and arms scorn
such a foe.'
Great Operatic Arias - John Tomlinson 1
Great Operatic Arias
Elizabeth Futral


Futral Sings Opera’s Comic, Fantastic, and Romantic, All in English!

'The album begins and ends with arias by Handel, the soprano’s favorite Baroque composer. She once commented after playing Cleopatra in Giulio Cesare at the Los Angeles Music Center,

“I would sing Handel all year if I were asked."'
Great Operatic Arias - Christine Brewer 2

Rodelinda's aria
(Se il mio duol non e si forte)
'If my pain, my bitter sighing'