Great Operatic Arias - Sir Thomas Allen 2
Great Operatic Arias - Sir Thomas Allen
Great Operatic Arias - Barry Banks
Classic FM Magazine

'Pivotal perfect performances... a demonstration of Allen's technical mastery and the naturalness of his vocal production.'
Great Operatic Arias
Bruce Ford 1

Opera News

'It's a pleasure to hear these so ardently sung; Ford's voice is beautiful, his technique never less than solid, with impeccable enunciation and style... the tenor shows spectacular coloratura facility.'
The Sunday Telegraph
'Anyone who cherishes good singing will rejoice in this great baritone's smooth legato, pefect diction, subtle characterisation and, of course, beautiful and unmissable voice.'
Opera News

'... this CD is an absolute winner. Musically and vocally impeccable, Banks has a captivating manner of singing English as if it were Italian - clearly and expressively.'
Great Operatic Arias -Christine Brewer
International Record Review

'... stately, dramatic, exciting, requiring an effusive flow of vocal opulence, the province of a Flagstad, a Nilsson, a Farrell. or, indeed, a Brewer.'
Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 2
Bruce Ford sings Viennese Operetta
Great Operatic Arias
Alastair Miles


'This is a splendid showcase for the appreciable talents of Alastair Miles, one of the best basses ever produced in this country.'
Great Operatic Arias - Elizabeth Futral
Great Operatic Arias - Della Jones
American Record Guide

'... the sound is well formed and beautifully placed. And everything here is sung with polish and intelligence - sometimes brilliance.'
Great Operatic Arias - Diana Montague 2
'A superbly executed programme of French opera arias, sung in the vernacular with impeccable diction and full of dramatic import... undoubtedly one of my CDs of the year'

'If her singing does not suggest the word 'brilliant', that is because the technical difficulties are mastered so completely that they are made to seem easy.'

'O'Neill is in fine and sweet voice. He phrases musically and articulates the text clearly. He is especially effective in the Verdi arias, using his exquisite mezza voce to great effect...'
Classical CD Review
'He knows how to vary dynamics for expressive effect - his soft singing is well-supported and at full volume the voice has a welcome ring. I highly recommend this CD.'

'A fine tenor shines in a selection of testing arias... In any language it's a highly recommendable collection.'
Great Operatic Arias
Sir Thomas Allen 1

American Record Guide

'Thomas Allen is, hands down, the most polished vocalist to have appeared in Chandos's Great Operatic Arias in English series. His legato is a marvel, his diction is crystal clear, and the timbre is handsome and velvety... The baritone is just past 60, but his voice is healthy as ever.'
'Chandos and the Peter Moores Foundation have made an excellent job of incorporating an operetta volume into their Opera in English series... a highly recommendable collection.'
Great Operatic Arias - Yvonne Kenny 2
Great Operatic Arias - Yvonne Kenny 1
Great Operatic Arias - Alastair Miles
Great Operatic Arias - Diana Montague 1
Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 1
Great Operatic Arias
Diana Montague 1


'Montague has been far too little celebrated, so this superbly executed programme... must be recognised as the jewel so far in the Chandos Opera in English series... I so admire the sincerity and generosity of every item here - no gloss, just the real thing... This is one of my CDs of the year.'
Great Operatic Arias - John Tomlinson 1
Great Operatic Arias - Dennis O'Neill 2
'(he) leaves no feeling that his resources are not up to meeting the challenges of such dramatic roles, and shows that he has the ability to soften and sweeten his voice as occasion requires.'

He has a 'mellow, rounded tone and keen line' and an 'ability to peer into the soul of the character he is portraying.'
Great Operatic Arias - Alan Opie
Great Operatic Arias - John Tomlinson 2
'... a voice of exceptional power, range and stamina, unfailingly clear diction, the intelligence to point word and phrase and the imagination to paint with a rich variety of coloration.'
Great Operatic Arias - Andrew Shore
Opera News, USA

'A committed and generous performer, soprano Elizabeth Futral can be counted on to inhabit each character fully and to detail the language with specificity and richness.'
'Andrew Shore is, without doubt, Britain's finest buffo baritone and a superb comic actor.'
Opera Now CD Choice
'a marvellous souvenir of a fine singer at his best.'

'Her focussed, warm, vibrant tone, and the variety of colour and dynamic shading she applies to her singing, make one want to hear the disc more than once'

'Tomlinson has... a quite exceptionally powerful and sonorous voice, of the kind that makes you sit up...'
BBC Music Magazine

'... it includes three duets and some operetta and even musical comedy. A mixed bag, then, but a delightful one, for the Australian soprano is in fine voice throughout.'
BBC Music Magazine
'One admires her creamy tone and combination of facility and spirit.'
International Record Review
'an artist of very high quality...'
Great Operatic Arias - Dennis O'Neill 1
Great Operatic Arias
Christine Brewer


'Christine Brewer is a generous, warm-hearted artist.'

International Record Review

'Some of the grandest of soprano arias are here, almost demanding profusion of tone and a flood of vocal outpouring, but it is the little piece at the end... from Bob Merrill's Carnival and it's a small gem... If you enjoy nostalgia, even vicariously, this song should hit the target.'
Great Operatic Arias - Jennifer Larmore
Great Operatic Arias
John Tomlinson 2

American Record Guide

'This takes us to the heart of the German repertory... the versatile Tomlinson tackles both bass and baritone roles... He's a vivid, ingratiating actor who uses the words so well.'
'The overriding impression of this generous and varied recital is that of high technical competence, deep insight, involvement and dramatic conviction... a highly desirable recital disc.'
Great Operatic Arias -Christine Brewer 2

'There's plenty... to enjoy here... it confirms Brewer as an artist who's willing to push the boundaries and stretch her repertoire whenever possible.'
Great Operatic Arias - Cheryl Barker

‘It is a pleasure to have her remarkable talents represented on a recital disc. One of the disc's major positive points is the way it combines familiar and lesser known repertoire.’
Richard Fairman on the Chandos Opera in English series

'There is a 'family' feeling to the casting overall. Singers who do well are rewarded with further roles... There is also the growing list of solo recital discs, which gives leading members of the family a chance to show that there is - quite simply -some stunning individual singing to be had here too.'
Great Operatic Arias - Gerald Finley
CLassic FM Magazine

‘... his voice only increases in ear-caressing richness and youthful suppleness year by year.’