Alahor en Granata
Zobeida's Scene & Rondo finale 'Zobeida, il mira...'

Patric Schmid
'This recital displays the versatility of Yvonne Kenny's lyric coloratura soprano to wonderful effect.'

'... there is much to enjoy... Dr Commons points helpfully, in this case, to a trio near the end of the opera as 'the jewel in the crown'.
Records & Recording
'An irresistible addition to Opera Rara's Donizetti collection'

The first Donizetti revival by Opera Rara on the strength of its many beautiful and intricate ensembles.
'One of the most lovely voices to be heard in our time'
Patric Schmid
'Her vocal technique is ideally suited to the role allowing her to display the luscious tone for which she is admired.'

'Majella Cullagh's Zoraida has a lovely, keenly produced soprano... used to fine effect.'

Classic FM Magazine

'... a major discovery'
The Guardian
'Pia finally effects Ghino's moral redemption to music that so closely resembles the great duet for Violetta and Germont in La Traviata that one is forced to conclude Verdi took it as his model.'
Il Castello di Kenilworth
La Fille du Régiment

Patric Schmid
This 'displays the unique qualities of his voice: tender, almost vulnerable and naturally suited to the romantic heroic roles of 19th-century opera.'
The Times
'The work has charm and wild improbability in equal proportion.'
Patric Schmid
'Peter (a Liverpudlian) encouraged us to do Emilia and to record both versions.'

'The score is entirely delightful, and the reason for its disappearance is that the composer himself suppressed it having robbed it for Líelisir díamore. Itís good to have it back.'
The world premiere of a Donizetti opera!
The manuscript for this hitherto unknown work was found in a London library.

Records & Recording
'The singing is of an international standard.'
International Record Review
'Miricioiu's performance of the finale is gripping.'
The Sunday Times
'Nelly Miricioiu remains one of the most alluring and stylish bel canto singers around today'
Alastair Miles

'I always look forward with great anticipation to working on an Opera Rara project. It is rare to find a working atmosphere that is relaxing, friendly and yet committed to the highest artistic standards.'
Classical Music
'This is one of the best and most enterprising of recent operatic recordings.'

The Guardian
'... at least one unknown masterpiece revealed...'
Classical Music

'A high standard of excellence throughout'

The New York Times

'A fascinating and valuable recording'
David Parry

'Opera Rara has been so important in my life. With Patric Schmid I have had the good fortune to develop one of the most important artistic collaborations of my career. We worked together for over twenty five years and the experience was always stimulating, inspiring, productive and, above all, enjoyable.'

'A real discovery and a wholly enjoyable disc.'


'A Donizetti rarity restored to circulation with all of Opera Rara's customary flair.'
Majella Cullagh

'Opera Rara loves singers and singing. Artistic standards of the highest level are paramount. The utmost care is taken in allocating the correct repertoire to each individual and expert guidance is always at hand. So much difficult and beautiful neglected music therefore is finding a voice in a company that deeply cares about this wonderful legacy.'
The Tribune, San Francisco
'The blood and thunder ensembles and duets create a swift moving rip-roaring bel canto feast'

'... a splendid Enrico in tenor Bruce Ford.'
Nelly Miricioiu

'It is the most exciting experience to give new life to operas that have been waiting in the shadow. Patric Schmid's belief, love, patience, knowledge and generosity make it possible. The music-making team at Opera Rara is exceptional and together we feel we belong to a family.'
Disc of the month
The Observer
'this titanic account under Mark Elder, boasting superb soloists, Simon Keenlyside and Vesselina Kasarova, fires the imagination.'
BBC Music Magazine

'Performance - outstanding
Sound - outstanding'


'The production is on all accounts enterprising and valuable.'
Opera Now

'David Parry conducts the London Philharmonic in an exciting account of this major work, and Donizetti fans need not hesitate.'
The Guardian

'The recording... makes a strong case for the piece...'

BBC Music Magazine

'Majella Cullagh shines in Diluvio.'
'The performance could hardly be improved.'

Opera Now
'the spirited Miricioiu makes Donizetti's innocuous-looking melodies spark and flame with dramatic purpose...'
BBC Music Magazine

Opera Choice

'This opera has been recorded before, but not to this standard. It's hard to imagine this set ever being replaced, or even rivalled.'
BBC Music Magazine

4 stars

'Opera Rara's latest Donizetti issue is a finely studied, lovingly executed and in every way welcome account of Maria di Rohan...
Highly recommended'