La favorita

Leonora's aria
'Can I believe it?'
- 'Oh my beloved'
Leonora and Fernando's duet 'You, most courteous maiden'
- 'My beloved'
Don Pasquale
The Elixir of Love
Don Pasquale

The Sunday Telegraph

'We should be grateful to Chandos/Moores above all for preserving Andrew Shore's Pasquale, unforgettable in its pomposity, comic timing and, finally, bonhomie... impeccable diction and profound musicality.'
27 October 2016 

'On stage Shore has this ability to take on a role so completely that he barely needs a costume.'


'I can't think of a performance I have enjoyed more than this one ... it is one of the series' best.'
Lucia of Lammermoor
The Guardian
'This probes the work's ambiguities with greater resonance than many versions in the original language... there's a sensuality in the sound... Her madness is shot through with indecency.'
The Guardian

'If anyone needs reminding of the mastery of Janet Baker as a singing actress, they should hear these recordings with Mackerras marshalling near ideal casts.'
Janet Baker Sings Mary Stuart
San Francisco Examiner
'With the powerful Rosalind Plowright as Elizabeth I and Sir Charles (Mackerras) in the pit, this is a sensational set... There is nothing like her (Dame Janet Baker) on the opera stage today.'
Great Operatic Arias - Barry Banks
Don Pasquale
Ernesto's Serenade
'The night is calm'
Ernesto's Prelude & Aria
'Poor lost Ernesto' - 'I shall go'
The Elixir of Love
Nemorino's Romance
'Only one teardrop'
Lucia of Lammermoor

The Guardian

'The men are excellent. Paul Charles Clarke is a glorious Edgardo, his seductive glamour masking both his lethal temper and disastrous, obsessive perfectionism. As Enrico, Lucia's appalling brother, Alan Opie swivels between bullying and insidious manipulation, while Peter Rose is unctuously hypocritical as Raimondo, the priest whose moral proscriptions lead only to catastrophe. David Parry, conducting, takes the score slowly, generating an atmosphere of oppressive malignancy.'
The Elixir of Love
Nemorino`s Romanza - 'I saw the tear'
Opera News
'Ford's voice is beautiful, his technique never less than solid, with impeccable enunciation and style.'
Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 1
Great Operatic Arias - Elizabeth Futral
Linda from Chamonix

Linda's Recitative & Cavatina
'I should have hurried!' -
'My soul is filled with love for you'
Great Operatic Arias - Della Jones
Linda from Chamonix Act I

Linda & Carlo's Love Duet
'Linda! Linda!'

with Barry Banks tenor
Great Operatic Arias -Yvonne Kenny 1
The Elixir of Love

Classic FM Magazine

'David Parry's flair for Donizetti gives an irresistible glint to his account of The Elixir of Love... The hero, Nemorino, can seem a dimwitted milksop, but Barry Banks' sincerity makes him so likeable that we take his side. The heroine Adina would be regarded as heartless if Mary Plazas weren't singing her so sweetly... Ashley Holland makes the rival Belcore threatening as well as daft and Andrew Shore puts on a capital comic turn as the quack doctor Dulcamara.'
Dom Sebastian, King of Portugal
CamoŽns' Recitative & Romance 'On the African.'
Lucia of Lammermoor
Aria & Cabaletta
'You seem unhappy' - 'Trembling'
Lucia of Lammermoor

Aria Finale
'My ancestors lie here..' -
'Rest in peace . . .'
with Clive Bayley &
Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
Great Operatic Arias - Alan Opie
Great Operatic Arias - Dennis O'Neill 1
Great Operatic Arias - Diana Montague 1
Great Operatic Arias - Andrew Shore
The Elixir of Love
Dulcamara's Cavatina Nemorino & Dulcamara's Recitative & Duet Adina & Dulcamara's Duet Act II

Don Pasquale
Malatesta & Pasquale's Duets Pasquale & Norina's Duet
Mary Stuart
The Mistress (La favorita) Leonora & Alfonso's Duet 'Ines...' - 'Leonora!'
with Helen Miles & Garry Magee

Lucrezia Borgia
Brindisi 'Oh the secret life...'
with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir

The Mistress (La favorite)

Leonora's Recitative, Aria and Cabaletta
'Can I believe it? . . .'
'O my beloved . . .'
'I submit to heav'nly powers.'
Great Operatic Arias - Gerald Finley
Linda of Chamonix

Antonio's Aria
'In this valley we shared our childhood'
with Anne Marie Gibbons,
Great Operatic Arias - Jennifer Larmore