23 October 2016
Great Operatic Arias - Sir Thomas Allen
Fanfare, USA

Bizet's Carmen

'We get a vivid, dramatic ride through the score, because the English provides a theatrical immediacy that carries one along from number to number... Julian Gavin... is a tasteful and dramatically involved Don José...'
BBC Music Magazine

‘Patricia Bardon’s ‘Habanera’ shimmers with sex as the
voice leans voluptuously to
the beat.’
The Pearl Fishers
Zurga's Recitative and Aria
'The storm has died away'

The Sunday Telegraph
'How good to have this anthology of Thomas Allen's versatility in a wide range of operatic roles.'
Great Operatic Arias - Yvonne Kenny 1
The Pearl Fishers
Act II: Léïla's Recitative & Aria
Léïla & Nadir's Love Duet

'When a refined musical spirit is brought to it, the music responds.'
The Fair Maid of Perth
Henry Smith`s Serenade - 'The sounds of distant laughter'

'Bruce Ford is a well-trained singer gifted with a voice of fine quality...'

Great Operatic Arias - Bruce Ford 1
Great Operatic Arias -Dennis O'Neill 1
The Pearl Fishers
Nadir and Zurga's Duet

'Dennis O'Neill once again does himself credit both in the quality of his voice and the dignity of his art.'
The Pearl Fishers
The Sunday Times
‘This deserves to fly off the shelves and out of the shopping websites.’

BBC Music Magazine
‘Barry Banks and Simon Keenlyside... do Bizet proud.’
Great Operatic Arias - Gerald Finley

Escamillo's Couplets
'You're most kind,
and in return I toast you'
- 'Toreador, be ready!'