The Peter Moores Foundation has supported and initiated projects in Barbados since 1973, particularly in the fields of education, the environment, health, youth and social activities. The Peter Moores Barbados Trust, founded in 1991, focuses on projects that benefit the social and cultural infrastructure in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

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In 1995, the Foundation endowed a Chair of Horticulture at the University of the West Indies in Barbados in order to prevent the private sale of the Andromeda Gardens. The Professor is also the Director of the botanical gardens, seen left, one of the most important in the world and now owned by the Barbados National Trust.
Scotland Beef Project
Chair of Tropical Horticulture
The Peter Moores Foundation set up this project to introduce self-supporting farming practice and encourage agricultural land conservation through a co-operative cattle breeding programme. On Barbados the cane sugar market had dwindled to almost nothing; the forest lands, cleared centuries before, lay unfarmed and eroding. 

From 1992 until 2000 when the tenant farmers formed the Scotland Beef Project Graziers' Association (SBPGA) which became fully self-sufficient in February 2004, training had been provided in erecting protective fencing, preparation of the land, husbandry and marketing procedures on 200 acres of land in the Scotland district of Barbados.

In 2007 the tenant farmers decided to disband the Association.
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The Peter Moores Barbados Trust has supported the Coalition Against Substance Abuse in their work to help individuals overcome addiction. The coalition recently had an open day, as shown on the right.

Funds were given to the University of the West Indies Barbados Sea Turtle Project to develop a pilot eco-tourism project that was educational and sustainable and would not jeopardize the continued nesting of turtles on Barbados’ beaches.

A video on the history and workings of the world’s only working stone windmill for the grinding of sugar cane, pictured left, was financed by the PMBT for the Barbados National Trust.
Two grants were provided to restore the main guard house at the Garrison, shown on the left. In addition, the Society of Friends of the Garrison were given funds to help develop the National Armoury as a Heritage attraction. Apart from the cannon collection, there is a tableau of the Mermaid Tavern where the 1652 Charter of Barbados was signed.

Beach access is not always easy to find. The PMBT assisted the National Conservation Campaign in sign-posting all public paths to beaches on the south and west coasts.

The Arnott Cato Foundation which serves the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has set itself the goal of ensuring that every nurse employed at the hospital undergoes training in emergency cardiac care. The PMBT provided funds to start this training programme.
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24 October 2016